Thursday, March 24, 2016

Radical Inclusivity

Margot: At Glide today I was on the floor for the first time. It was packed with folks eating breakfast and I was one of the many people in charge or taking trays, wiping the table, and making sure beverages were available. I was wiping up a spot and said good morning the the person eating their breakfast right next to it. He said good morning and asked how I was. I asked as well and he said in an a very vulnerable and genuine way something like "I'm doing a lot better now that I have talked to you. I just needed a smiling face. I feel better now." While I know that folks experiencing homelessness often struggle by not being seen, not being interacted with, treated like they are not human, it was striking to hear it from a person directly. I didn't say anything profound, just good morning, and it affected him in a way that caught me off guard. A few minutes later I was back to busily busing trays and he waved me over and asked "Is there a way I can get seconds?" This is one of the many ways that Glide's "radical inclusiveness" policy really impresses me because he could get seconds, he could even get thirds if he wanted! I let him know how to get another meal (just walk back through the line) and there was an instant look of relief on his face. He was so grateful and genuine. This will stay with me.

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